Tips For Having A Shiny Floor

Cleaning our floors may seem like a lot of work.  In some situations we may need to get down on our hand and knees and scrub with a brush.  The thought of doing this may not seem appealing to most, this is why commercial floor care indianapolis services could be a lifesaver.

Prep your floors

Before you start cleaning you want to prep your floors.  This prep process allows us to clean the area of any obstacles, identify any high area problem spots and more.  The prep process may seem time consuming and tedious, however, the more time you put into prepping your floors, the easier your main cleaning tasks will be.

Mark danger areas

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Once your floor is prepped, you want to mark off dangerous areas.  These should be marked with wet floor signs, caution tape and other markings to ensure that people don’t walk in on your floor or slip on a wet area causing damage or harm.

Work in small sections

When cleaning your floors, you want to work in small sections.  Each section should be about five foot squared.  The reason for working in these small sections is that you are working in a contained area, don’t have too much that is not being touched and you know what has been done and what is still on the list.

Work from the inside out

When working on a room you want to work from the farthest wall of the room.  You will then work towards the main door of the room.  This is important so you don’t mop or clean yourself into a corner.  If you do, then you will walk over areas that are already clean and will end up doing twice as much work.

Take your time

Don’t rush.  It may seem that jobs take longer than they should at time.  If this is the case, take a break and refocus your energy.  Take your time and do the job right.  If you don’t you will end up doing it all over again.